Golden Mystery's Xmas Fairytale - "Saga"


Född: 2016-12-26
HD: B    ED: 0
Rasdata: Länk

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En del av "Sagas" utställninger:
2018-06-10 DRK Domare Rosemarie Wild 4bt , bästa junior med junior cert
Kritik: excellent breedtype, beautifull feminine head correct proportion. scissorbite. excellent outline and angulation. good coat quality. moves with ease.
2018-06-09 DRK Domare Claudia Berchtold, 2bt med res cert, bästa junior med junior cert
Kritik: 17 months old, a femini head and expression, muzzle should be a bit stronger and would like a bit more stop, very long neck, good shoulder placement, very nice topline and tailset, correct angualtions front and rear, correct bone and feet, moves nicely from all sides